Thursday, October 13, 2016


Anybody remember this young folk strummer from Minnesota?

Young Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing, Minnesota, was a curly-haired singer/songwriter with poetry on his mind.

At present he is performing a constant tour schedule around the world as Bob Dylan.

He's got wrinkles now, at 75, but his hair is still a tangled coiffure.

And today he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Way to go, young man.


Tom Cochrun said...

Some of his early work are American classics. He's had a long career on the road and I've seen him perform several times. The last few years he's been disappointing. He seems to ignore the audience and buries himself behind a wall of sound. He has penned some decent work in the last couple of decades but his brilliance and deserving accolades go back to his early stuff as much as his complete body of work. It is his work and he can sing it however he wishes, but late Dylan is a lot less powerful than early Dylan. IMO

Should Fish More said...

I remember hearing 'Masters of War' in '63, the summer I worked for the USFS. I played it on my sisters stereo, my dad threatened to take a hammer to it if I ever played it again.
Been a lot of talk in the media about the Nobel for literature. Interesting choice by the committee, but there have controversial choices before.

William Kendall said...

I heard this morning about the Nobel.

Judy said...

That's interesting. It's surprising how many songs done by other people are his work.

Bill said...

Speaking of Minnesota performers: remember the Trashmen from Minneapolis? Saw them perform in Fargo.

joeh said...

Got it on the first vote, they didn't think twice.

Zhoen said...

I love his Oh, Mercy album. Not Dark Yet is amazing.