Monday, November 14, 2016


I'm very much looking forward to tonight's supermoon viewing.

We've had clear skies recently and the moon, as it grew toward fullness, left our bedrooms very bright through the night.

It bothers Judy but I can sleep through anything, it seems.

Still when I woke for a bathroom break very early this morning before daylight I was initially startled by what appeared to be a light on in the hallway.

It was just moonlight.

I recently re-watched the great movie "Moonstruck" with a beautiful Cher, a funny Danny Aiello and a typically weird Nicholas Cage, as well as great performances from Vincent Gardenia and Olympia Dukakis.

It's a great "feel good" movie from 1987.

If you haven't seen it you should get it from Netflix.

If you have seen it, you should watch it again.

Perhaps on the Night of the Supermoon.


Anonymous said...

The moon is bright over Germany at this moment.


L Lewis said...

I loved that movie. Cher was great in it.

joeh said...

Excellent movie!

Val said...

The Supermoon was real, and it was spectacular!

William Kendall said...

We had clear skies last night, and the moon was certainly brightening things up in my apartment.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'd love to see the supermoon but it's raining cats and dogs here in Portland.

Should Fish More said...

Cloudy tonight here, but my friend in LA promises to send pictures.

Tom said...

It was a spectacular night. If I live well into my 90's I'll get to see it again!

Sharon Anck said...

That really was a great movie. I love the line Cher flung at Nicholas "snap out of it".

The Bug said...

I can't believe I've never watched that movie - must put it on the list!