Wednesday, November 16, 2016


As I promised yesterday, I'm going to show you some of what SWMBO does to make an excellent Beef Bourguignon.

It is basically a beef stew with the meat braised in red wine and beef broth as well as vegetables.

It originated in the Burgundy region of France.

The beginning involves a lot of knifework on beef, carrots, white onions, green onions and garlic.

The mushroom preparation comes later.

The counter next to the stove holds some other ingredients, including a can of beef broth and two cups of red wine.

The afore-mentioned mushrooms have now been cut up and are ready for the saute pan . . .

. . . which is heating a couple of tablespoons of butter.

Butter melted, the mushrooms go in to be wilted down and browned.

In the old days this would all have been done in a big black iron pot but today's crockpots make the cooking a snap.

The dining was delicious and your scribe, in his French personification, expressed his pleasure.

Wait, Frenchy, how good was it?

(I'm looking a bit rough these days as my winter beard is growing.)


Stephen Hayes said...

Looks delicious, and reminds me of the crockpot pot roast Mrs. C. made a few days ago.

L Lewis said...

Ha! Love the beret! You foodies!

joeh said...

Looks like a lot of work and I'm sure it is well worth it.

Steve said...

Worth the effort am sure.

Tom Cochrun said...


William Kendall said...

I love that dish. It's so tasty.

Val said...

Heh, heh! I'm glad your beret doesn't have your name stitched across the front, like the Griswolds in European Vacation.

Sharon Anck said...

You look very French in these shots! Now I'm hungry! I might have to make some this weekend.

Lucy said...

It took me quite a while to learn that you needed to sauté the mushrooms separately in these kind of dishes, and add them later, rather than just do them in with the general cooking. I like crockpot cooking, do it more and more.

Bon appetit!

Thérèse said...

It could not be better described and when there is some leftover then you add some water and it turns into a soup for the next day with some chopped fresh parsley on top.
The beret was a must and it fits you so well.
And to sayt that I nearly missed this post!