Monday, December 5, 2016


We live with two cats.

That is, our two cats allow us to live with them.

Blackwell is the younger of the two.

Muggles is his older and smaller sister.

She sleeps most of every day and SWMBO has created a velour cat bad for her on one corner of the bed.

She spends most of her time curled up in it.

(Side note: we humans have a habit when we get too warm under the covers of sticking a foot out into the open air to cool us down.

Apparently, Muggles does the same.

Or she was just stretching.)

At any rate, SWMBO had an old afghan throw that she decided to convert into a new bed for Muggles.

Yesterday she began forming and sewing it.

Blackwell came up on the bed and carefully watched every movement that SWMBO made and when the new nest was done, he promptly claimed it as his own.

The brother and sister eyed each other for a bit from their respective spots only a foot or two apart.

But then Muggles turned her back on Blackwell, they both settled down and soon nodded off.

Peaceful co-existence?

Could be, now that each of them has their own nest.

Blackwell certainly seems to be pleased.

SWMBO will now have to do some work on that velour home to make it more comfortable for Muggles.

And move one of them off the bed so the Creator has a place to sleep!


Stephen Hayes said...

I read somewhere a statement with a lot of truth in it: Dogs have masters; cats have staff.

Tom said...

Two very satisfied moggies. You two should have an award of some sort.

William Kendall said...

What a pair of cuties!

Tom Cochrun said...

I think our two would appreciate those kind of cribs!

Hillbilly Mom said...

A bed beside a bed on top of a bed. I think SWMBO has created an velgancrib. Not as tasty as a turducken. But cozier.

Jacob said...

We have two sister cats also, and it is interesting to see their interactions...they don't like to share and they will fight over favorite place to sleep. And sometimes they just like to "play" which looks a lot like siblings fighting! :) Yours are cute cats!

Sharon Anck said...

I love Stephen's comment above. It's so true. It looks like you have two very happy cats.

The Bug said...

Ha! Love the picture of the two of them very content on their respective beds :)

Zhoen said...

We occasionally make cat-traps, with a blanket rolled into a torus on the bed. Works every time.