Monday, January 9, 2017


I have tried, lord knows I've tried.

I have steadfastly tried not to discuss politics on this blog.

But today I am breaking my promise to myself.

Last night's Golden Globes telecast featured a special award to the actress Meryl Streep for lifetime achievement.

When she accepted the award, Ms. Streep took the occasion to criticize President-elect Donald Trump for his speech in which he mimicked a disabled New York Times reporter.

You knew that the incredibly thin-skinned Trump would respond to that, didn't you?

He first tweeted that Streep was one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood and then said she was a Hillary Clinton flunky who "lost big."

Trump went on to say that he never mocked the Times reporter but simply showed him groveling after changing a story he had written about the President-elect.

Okay, folks, them are the facts.

Now here comes my opinion.

First of all while I am no fan of Donald Trump, I get a little burned by the actors and actresses who take advantage of a public microphone at an event honoring excellence in movies and television to express their political opinions.

My view is that if they wish to express those opinions they should do it in a proper place.

Write an op-ed piece for a newspaper, do an interview with a political reporter, but leave what is supposed to be an entertainment vehicle as a place to graciously accept your award and thank the people who helped you win it.

As for Trump, how can he call the most honored actress of our generation "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood"?

And Streep (Hillary Clinton) didn't lose big.

Let us remind the Tweetster in Chief that his opponent won nearly three million more votes than he did.

And I suspect no one who saw Trump's speech would doubt that he was mocking that reporter.

And what the hell is he doing carrying on one little spat after another on a Twitter account for anyway?

Doesn't he have matters of state to attend to, like forming a government?

How are we to respect a President who has such a tender ego and such silly priorities?

All right.

End of rant and though I know there will be comments I'm going to get back, after today, to my non-political stance on this blog.

Have a nice day, Gentle Readers.


Stephen Hayes said...

Like you, I try to avoid politics, but Trump doesn't seem to be mellowing and his propensity to attack anyone who doesn't agree with him is scary. I only hope our government has enough checks and balances in it to prevent a full scale disaster.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "Trumplethinskin" POTUS...

L Lewis said...

Like you, I find that Hollywood or Music Award events are not the venue for politics.

Should Fish More said...

You are aware of my opinion of Trump. I agree with everything you said, and will add that the is the most unqualified, inappropriate person ever to be elected to that office. His mocking of the reporter was only one of many, many things he did that should have disqualified him from dog catcher.
Yet, knowing all this, 59 million US voters voted for him. How do we digest that?

joeh said...

A thorough fair google search would show a good argument that Trump was not mocking the reporters disability. Yes to actors choosing a different forum and yes to Trump tweeting less.

Jager said...

Trump has whined about not winning an Emmy and not having a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his shot at Ahhnuld's ratings on the Apprentice our president elect is acting like a spoiled 7th grade boy...with a Twitter account.

Being President is a full time job, I don't think he's up for it. A yooge disaster is about to unfold.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Bruce, it's your blog and you can talk about any subject you want. Don't censor yourself, say whatever's on your mind. Some people might not agree with you but those who are interested in Oddball Observations will come back, others won't. As for the Trump and his Trumpisms, you already know what I think! But I disagree regarding the 'proper place' for an actor (or other well-known person) to express a political view. If the issue is really important, such as the Trump impending presidency,then the platform where it will get the most public attention is the proper one. A lot more people and media will have taken note of Streep's remarks at the Golden Globes than they would have if she'd just written an op-ed comment. If you want people to think about something of vital importance to them, you don't whisper it or leave a note somewhere that only a handful of passers-by will see. A happy New Year to you and yours.

William Kendall said...

The guy is still picking fights over things that happened ten years ago. He literally cannot take one bit of criticism without going nuclear.

The Bug said...

Totally agree with you!

Sam said...

What kind of a world are we living in if people have to talk in riddles, and reading a post is like deciphering Morse code? Just wondering.

Tom Cochrun said...

I suspect people-famous and otherwise-will continue to challenge the illegitimate president and crude in chief

Sam said...

I am just glad that I am a Canadian, and this challenge illegitimate president is none of my business :)

Sharon Anck said...

"Trumplethinskin" I love it. I'm plagiarizing that one.

Zhoen said...


Thérèse said...

It's not for me to comment but I can agree, no?

Lucy said...

We do rather miss your political comment, it always felt like one was in safe, thoughtful and intelligent hands with it; 'politics' used to be part of the tagline to your blog, didn't it?

But I respect and understand your wish to back away from it, and the frustrations and discomfort that prompted that backing away, which I don't doubt have only got worse.