Sunday, January 15, 2017


The other day I told SWMBO about something I'd been thinking lately.

It was that as I grow older I keep having to learn how to live my life.

Many things I could do as a younger man I can no longer do.

So I have to learn new tricks to replace them and keep this old elderly body going.

One, that the physician's assistant in my cardiologist's office keeps reminding me about, is to exercise.

He encourages walking, if not every day, at least several days a week.

I admit that I have become sedentary in recent years and often seldom leave the house for days at a time.

So, I saw him the other day, and have resumed my daily walks around the neighborhood.

This morning on my walk I ran across this misplaced object.

It's a small stuffed toy tiger.

Judy had spotted it the other day, lying in a nearby ditch, and urged me to stop and take a picture.

But we were on our way to joint doctor visits so I deferred.

Today I encountered him so I was photographing him when a car stopped right behind me and Lori, from down the block, said "I put him up there the other day, hoping the child who lost him would spot him."

I told her she was a Good Deed-Doer and took one more photo.

If the child who lost the little tiger doesn't see him maybe his mom or pop will see him on this blog.

He's at the corner of Thimble Lane and Knots Pass.

And he looks like he misses his owner.


Steve said...

Bruce, you get an atta boy.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully he makes it back home where he belongs.

L Lewis said...

Will let you know if he's been taken. I did see Dex and Doug walking the new puppy that way this afternoon.

L Lewis said...

That critter must have found a new home or returned to its old home. Gone! Saved! Taken! 4:30 pm

ming said...

lovely that you have begun to exercise; but you must be educated on the plant based diet by Forks over Knifes folks, pleas do the search, peace, love to you.

Tom Cochrun said...

Take those walks old pal. It'll do you wanders and give you photo ops as well.

Should Fish More said...

Right there with you, pal. Heading to Seattle Tuesday for another round of consults and procedures. Fairly tired of it, but the choices are, can we say, binary?
Walking is good for cardiac guys, such as you and I. One of the main things we can do to lengthen the life of that thing we call a heart, is to increase collateral circulation. With exercise, the myocardium, heart muscle, builds new circulatory areas. That is, increased oxygen rich blood to muscle that needs it.
Anyway, hope your week ahead goes well.
I'm heading to Seattle Tuesday.

Val said...

If he hadn't already been found, tomorrow you could have taken that little stuffed fellow door-to-door to look for his home. It's exercise, you know.

joeh said...

Someone wants that tiger.

Lucy said...

I'm so glad to have a dog again because it means I have to get out walking, even when I don't feel much like it, and usually I enjoy it when I get out.

Funny, I saw a plastic giraffe on the verge the other day, and propped him up on a tree stump, but he's still there. It's an odd place for such a thing, as generally no one walks there with small children, out on a country road, but perhaps it was thrown from a car window in a tantrum or something!

Sharon Anck said...

He does look a bit lonely sitting there. If the old owner doesn't turn up maybe a new owner will.

Zhoen said...

Walk or die is good general advice. I walk a lot at work, but I need to get out and really walk more, too. Even if I have the shniffles.

RedPat said...

I hope he gets home!

Stephen Hayes said...

I hope the owner shows up soon.

The Bug said...

I'm such a stuffed animal softy - I would have to bring him home with me if no one ever picks him up. Stuffed animals are people too!