Thursday, March 16, 2017


The Redbud tree just outside my den window is bursting with blooms right now.

It's amazing how speedily nature's march takes place when the weather warms up.

Only a couple of days ago I remarked to SWMBO that the tree was full of buds.

But they began blooming yesterday and this morning the tree is full of the pretty pink and purple posies.

And it won't be long before green leaves sprout from these flowers and the tree will be covered with a protective layer of arboreal greenery.

Meanwhile, just below the Redbud is a ground-hugging Oregon Grape plant.

It offers a contrast to the rosy hue above with it's bright yellow flowers.

Now the sharpest of viewers will see in the next photo an example of my bravery as a nature photographer.

No, that's not a snake in the upper right.

It's actually our garden hose.

The lurking danger is difficult to see but I'll blow it up to give you a better view.

This makes it blurry but you can now see a big fat bee that was buzzing among the blossoms as I performed my photographic duties.

No danger, though.

He was too busy pollinating the flowers to pay any more than the slightest attention to me.


Constantly fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Nice buds.


Stephen Hayes said...

Pretty. We have a few buttercups opening here, but so far nothing else.

joeh said...

I love me some nature!

RedPat said...

Glad you survived the danger!

William Kendall said...

Lovely to see!

Val said...

I'm glad that bee didn't give you the opportunity to use the title: Spring Has Stung.

Tom Cochrun said...

Beautiful signs of spring there on Thimble Lane! Probably a good thing you didn't get assigned to any National Geographic crews if that bee gave you the shivers.

The Bug said...


joared said...

Redbuds so attractive! Save the bees, but know they can be a problem for many, including one in my family. Also, a now-deceased family member became a prominent researcher in genetics of bees, but know he would be distressed with their decline in number.