Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I had to make an errand run into the little town on the hill that refers to itself as Everybody's Home Town.

I'm talking about Prescott, Arizona.

I was surprised to see six street corners in the heart of town with sign-waving protesters.

Five of the six groups looked like these.

The anti-Trump sign wavers had a variety of concerns.

But they were unanimous in their disregard for the Trump presidency.

As I said there were demonstrators on six corners.

The sixth were a small group of flag-waving Trump supporters.

Fortunately, I think, the two opposing groups were staying on opposite sides of the street.


  1. I don't think trump carries one little bit about these protesters, the massive women's march, any protests. He has the 'unified' GOP behind him, with a minuscule number protesting from his party. He doesn't care about poll numbers, either he doesn't care or is really crazy and doesn't believe him; he thinks his core supporters, the 20 some million who are KKK, racists, or just nuts, will sustain him.
    I think he could care less, and or doesn't even know about protests like this.
    Something else gotta be done Bruce, not sure what

    1. pardon my spellcheck: cares, vs 'carries'

  2. When he eventually gets turfed out of office, he won't go quietly, and he'll spend the rest of his life screaming bloody murder about how he was screwed.

  3. I just saw a poll that claimed 55% of Americans are ashamed Trump is their president. I'm one of those.

  4. There's a big protest (by many different factions) in Dallas in 2 weeks. I might have to make that one myself. :)

  5. Good to see the majority not being silent. The bozo needs to go.

  6. I think the protesters have a point [well, a number of points actually]. Unfortunately, Trumpski seems to thrive on this kind of opposition. I'm not holding my breath in the hope that he will be ousted at the next presidential election.

  7. The more we resist and protest the better the chance of getting the bastard impeached!

  8. I'm impressed -- especially in Arizona, which I imagine has more Trump supporters than not. Good for the opposition for making their voices heard!

  9. Whether or not these kinds of protests will make a difference, they definitely make ME feel better - I'm not alone!

  10. I'm glad people are still out & making their positions known!

  11. This is kind of good to see. Sometimes down here I feel like I'm outnumbered. There seems to be a pro-Trump rally at least once a month and there are several pick-up trucks I've seen with huge Trump flags flying from their truck beds.

  12. Glad to see free speech is alive and well...


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