Monday, May 22, 2017


Did you ever think, "I wonder what my life would be like if I ever lived to 85?"

Well those of us still around are getting closer and closer to that age.

For instance a friend of mine who I'll refer to as DK.

She just celebrated her 85th birthday and a lot of family surprised her at a gathering.

As you can probably figure out that little lady in the black top and white trousers in the center of the picture is DK.

She thought she was just going to a daughter's house for a barbecue.

But another daughter suddenly appeared.

And then her son and a grandson.

And then another grandson.

And on and on until this happy crowd had assembled around the matriarch.

Now you might figure that is enough excitement for any person.

But you have to hear the rest of the story.

You see DK and a friend had just returned the day before from a trip that took them to London, then on to a Viking cruise ship on the Danube River which took them to Budapest, Bucharest and many points in between.

And this is a lady who was on another cruise a few months ago that took her to Cuba!

DK is an adventurous woman, all right, and when she finally passes on, (many years in the future, most likely), I think they'll have to confiscate her passport and nail the coffin shut!

Happy Birthday, pal.


  1. Wow! Love these stories! She could hook up with that guy who sails the boat!

    1. True! My dad married an "older" woman when he was in his late 60s. Amy was 13 years older than he was.

  2. I want to be here when I grow up!

  3. A happy story-a great way to begin a week.

  4. Way to go for DK who is setting such a good example.

  5. "Get your motor running"


  6. How fun! Happy birthday, DK! I hope to be as energetic if and when I'm that age.

  7. It's wonderful that she is well enough to travel like that. I'm almost as old as she is but could not do half the things she's done at her age. Great party for a great lady!

  8. Well I'd say that DK is my kind of woman! A great big Happy Birthday to her!


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