Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We signed a lease for the "next" home today and learned to our great surprise that the rent is $50 less than we had previously thought!

😁   😁

Does that look like a couple of happy campers?

Every fifty bucks helps these days.

Moving day is set for June 1st but it looks like we'll gain access to the duplex a few days before that so we can begin taking small things over and storing them prior to moving day.

Tonight, acting on a suggestion from SWMBO that I had already been thinking about, I moved my printer from a stand on the left side of my desk over to the right side of my desk top. 

That frees up some more space and it's actually going to be handier than it has been.

(I am, after all, right-handed.)

((The teensy-tiny bit of dust on the top of the stand in the first picture is entirely of my doing, having absolutely nothing to do with SWMBO or her house-cleaning abilities.  Don't judge.))

I am getting more and more enthused about down-sizing.

As my friend Scott, aka "Low and Slow" from the Flight Plan blog, told me "It's a pleasant, stress-free way to live."

And when you're a couple in your late 70's/early 80's, it is definitely time to down-size.

And so . . . the beat goes on.

(Remember these two youngsters?)


  1. Less is more! I sat next to Cher on a plane out of O'Hare once.

  2. You'll never miss that stand! I suppose it's too late now to get rid of it at the garage sale...

    1. Oh, it will come in handy somewhere.

  3. Congrats on your downsizing. I need to do the same. Looks like a nice setting.

  4. I was just listening to Sonny & Cher this morning! Different song, though -- "I Got You, Babe"!

    Downsizing is always a good feeling!

  5. We up-sized and it's been a mixed blessing. 2 people and a dog in 2474 sq feet and an acre and a half. I miss our old condo (1600 sq feet) otoh I don't miss hearing all my neighbor's conversations emanating from their patios every damn night

  6. Downsizing is such a good thing! Sonny & Cher rode that beat to fame and fortune.

  7. Still doing a lot of "talking" about downsizing but haven't manage to do much yet I need to move on. I applaud your fine attitude about it.

  8. Downsizing is for sissies! I'm going to hang on to all my crap and let my kids fight about it when I'm gone. Just kidding. They'll just call Goodwill to come and haul it all away. One of these days we'll downsize, too. Maybe. Perhaps. At some point. Perhaps. Maybe not. Depends. Don't want to throw out the good stuff and my stuff is all good. We'll see. Please don't talk about downsizing anymore. I'm already having to hide good stuff so it doesn't get thrown out.

  9. Good for you and the Frau.


  10. Good break on the rent! Always good news.

    Less stuff is probably better in a lot of ways. Take good care as you start moving items.

  11. I'd be excited by the extra $50 too - more eating out money! And LOL at Lowell :)


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