Thursday, May 25, 2017


Some of you who know how I worship at the spikes of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team and how I consequently share the same message back and forth with my buddy Baseball Steve - "Have I ever told you how much I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers" - may be surprised . . . nay, astounded . . . to learn that once upon a time in a previous life I was a fan of those damnable Dodgers.

I'm not sure how it happened but I became a fan in the mid 1940's of the old Brooklyn Dodgers as I was growing up in faraway North Dakota.

Everyone else in my family, for whatever reason, rooted for the Cleveland Indians.

But my team was the team of Jackie Robinson.  

Of Pee Wee Reese.  

And Gil Hodges.  

And Duke Snider.  

And Carl Furillo.  

And Johnny Podres.  

And Carl Erskine.

Funny how I can remember the names of so many of those heroes of my youthful days.

I continued to hope for the glory days for "my" Dodgers as they abandoned Ebbets Field and Brooklyn for the Hollywood lights of Los Angeles.

It lasted until the team was sold to an Australian, for gosh sakes.  

The hated Rupert Murdoch, who has other sins on his black record.

Fortunately for me that was in 1998 and coincidentally was the same year that the Diamondbacks came into existence.

And since I was a longtime resident of Arizona the switch was easy, even after 50-some years of cheering on the Boys in Blue.

But ten years earlier, though I was then living in Mexico, I was still rooting for the Dodgers.

Yes, those Dodgers.

Those were the Dodgers of Kirk Gibson and Orel Hersheiser and I was very proud of them.

Now . . . they're just those Damnable Dodgers.


L Lewis said...

Boy that pic is priceless! Where did you ever get your clothes? Are you wearing short shorts in that picture? Were you born with a beard?

William Kendall said...

Ownership by that rat Murdoch is a good reason to turn on them. I swear, when that miserable bastard finally bites the dust, I'll forego the usual not speaking ill of the dead thing and say good riddance.

Catalyst said...

I think I was wearing jeans. My first beard appeared around 1972 and has been pretty much part of me ever since.

Sharon Anck said...

What a great photo! You could always photoshop something else on to the newspaper. Actually, I never really rooted for any of them. I'm one of those "couldn't care less" kind of people when it comes to sports. Yes, yes, I know I got to a lot of Suns games but, that's really just to because my friend asks me and she needs someone to share those expensive seats with.k
Tell SWMBO that she's right. I do have the silver wrong. I'm surprised David didn't notice that and say something. He's a stickler for doing it right.

Lowell said...

I credit your enthusiasm. At this point I find professional sports just a tad below common thuggery, but that's just me! :) Now, re Florida: I don't think it is sinking, although that is a possibility, but its coastlines will soon be flooded. At this time, parts of downtown Miami are under 4 inches of water at high tide but they're still building high-rises. Ocala, being one of the higher elevations in the state will undoubtedly be swamped by millions of moronic climate deniers in the near future. As if we don't already have enough morons! Sheesh!

Silver Willow said...

Used to be a Dodger's fan, until the Angels showed up. Married to a lifelong Cubs fan. We'll (stupidly) be there in early August for the Cubs/D-Backs games. :)

Val said...

As a Cardinals fan, I have no love for the Dodgers. Don't even get me started on the Cubs!

The Bug said...

Oh Dodgers, smodgers - Go Braves! (Once again, the Braves are seriously annoying me this year.)

Steve Reed said...

Anything Rupert Murdoch touches, I automatically oppose!

Frank Phillippi said...

Those Boys of Summer were my heroes as a Little Leaguer