Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This is forest fire season in the Southwestern United States and we here in Arizona have not been untouched by it.

This was the view from the heart of my town this afternoon.

It looks terrible but the fire is actually 15 to 20 miles south and burning away from us, in the main.

Here's a couple of more pictures taken from the end of my street, just a short distance from our new home.

It's even further north than the previous picture.

And pardon the power lines.

As I noted, it's quite a long ways away from us even though it looks like it's right on the doorstep.

Now a quick change of subject.

Judy is making fabulous progress at the Rehab Hospital.

I was able to witness some of that this morning as I watched her do exercises in the Therapy Gym and actually walk a few steps between the parallel bars.

Her departure date has been moved back one day to give her a bit more time to build up strength but I'm very proud of her.

Meanwhile at home, I'm learning to do laundry and trying to keep the cats happy.

Judy's favorite, Muggles (don't tell Blackwell), had a word for her this afternoon just before I left for the hospital.

"Where the hell are you and when are you coming home?"


  1. Those wildfires occur every summer and each one is as scary and destructive as the year before. So frightening!!

  2. Those wildfires occur every summer and each one is as scary and destructive as the year before. So frightening!!

  3. The blessing here is no smell of smoke. Did I hear 4 houses burnt to the ground? Rumors will run rampant (amok). People here have their 'emergency bags' ready to roll. I said we should just all go down to the community center and jump in the pool. It's water. We'll be fine.

  4. We had a fire burning near Santa Margarita and saw the smoke from this distance. That is a part of being out west.
    Glad Judy is progressing rapidly.

  5. Thanks for a warm and positive post.

  6. Good to hear Judy is progressing. Are you going to have rehab people coming to the house to work with her once home?
    We're still a month or so away from major fire season (knock on pine), the mountains around still have snow, though melting quickly.

    1. Don't know yet, Mike, but I'd assume so. We'll find out Friday when we meet with her case manager.

  7. I'm so glad to hear that Judy is doing well and improving daily. I'm sure she will happy to get home!

  8. I'm so glad Judy is improving. It's got to be unnerving to have such a big fire nearby, even if it IS heading in the other direction! (And even if "nearby" isn't really all that near.)

  9. I hate those fires. In Florida, we usually have a number of forest fires every summer. We began the summer with several, but then we got some rain and that helped a lot. Glad to hear your wife is getting better by the day!

  10. I'm sure the kitties miss her terribly. Great news about the progress she's making.

  11. You will all be happy when she gets home!

  12. The cats will be pleased to see her.

    Another blogger in Tucson is keeping a wary eye on conditions there.

  13. I need one of those walkers with a seat...