Friday, June 30, 2017


Good Friday morning to you, Gentle Readers, and a toast to the firefighters battling the Goodwin Fire in our area.

It is 43% contained as of this morning and State Highway 69 has once again been reopened after being shut down for a few days.

So with that and July staring us in the face, let's get right to the Friday Funnies.

(You "furriners" are welcome to celebrate our big national holiday, too, by the way.)

And with that, fellow celebrants, we bring this edition to a close.

Now whether you celebrate July 4th or not I want you to get out there and have a dandy, bang-up weekend.

Eat well, drink well and always remember to keep laughing.

Now where's that cat, anyway?

Oh, yeah . . . here, kitty-kitty . . .


  1. What a great batch of fun! Loving the Leo toast and no teef for beef and the sharks and I would like to live where the 'go home' sign is located. Great idea for crowd control. Well, I think by now everyone should know there won't be any fireworks in Prescott Valley!

  2. I love that generation gap! Good ones! Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the laughs. And yes, that's too much lettuce on that burger.

  4. Thanks for the laughs. We are unlikely to celebrate 4th. July for the reason you will. But we will be celebrating [WE HAVE ALREADY STARTED!] having found a place to rent not too far from where we will eventually settle, and the receiving of our provisional house plans for our new home. Good to hear that SWMBO is improving so quickly.

  5. A happy 4th to you and yours.


  6. Hahaha! All of them are funny :)

    P.S. I ready your opening paragraph as "...with that and Judy staring us in the face..." Ha!

  7. Yes, I think that is too much lettuce.

  8. Glad to hear some progress is being made on the fire problem. Of course, it's the orange-headed monster's fault; he's always telling someone "You're fired!"

  9. Yes, too much lettuce! Lettuce ruins a burger! I like in on other things, but not on a burger.

  10. Yep, too much lettuce. And I also like the BBQ place with beef so tender you don't need teef. Hahaha!

  11. Great stuff. Love the generation gap and the no teef-
    Cheers to you.

  12. The generation gap photo is awesome! I love the "see no evil" dog, too -- those eyes!

  13. Honest to God, the last one made me laugh out loud because of Downward Dog. Find it on your pc, and watch it! :)

    Happy 4th of July! I have to close my books on 7/5; I can't party too hardy 7/4. LOL


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