Thursday, June 22, 2017


My blog posts have become a bit mundane lately as I run the house while Judy is in the Rehab hospital.

But you know what tomorrow is!!!

Get your smiles engaged.

I just talked to the girl and she made more progress today.

She said she stood up several times between the parallel bars in the PT room this morning and was able to put a slight bit of weight on her leg.

And she had a shower and got her hair washed last night so she's feeling better.

After all these years she said vanity has flown out the window.

(But still no pictures.)

I've been arranging to give away several items of furniture that just won't fit into our new home and are too tattered or worn to be offered for sale.

Although I'm reminded of a story someone told me about putting an item out on the curb with a "Free" sign on it and it just sat there for a couple of days.

Then he put a sign on it with a price and that night somebody stole it.

One of the good things about the past three weeks is that I've lost about 11 pounds since the whole odyssey began.

But I don't recommend moving and then a wife with a broken leg for weight loss.

By the way, Gentle Readers, thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and good wishes directed toward Judy and myself.

It means a lot.


  1. She is doing incredibly well! Hurray!

  2. Good on both of you.


  3. I'd say getting my hair washed would be top priority! Stepping Stones, Habitat, The Veterans, Catholic Services, Purple Heart will all pick up. Lighten your load!

  4. It's wonderful to hear that she's progressing. Please give her my best.

  5. Glad to hear of the progress. We send our best.

  6. Excellent for her, sounds like it's good progress. The 'rebar' they put in will support the femur very well while it heals. Now the important thing is for her to keep up activity (PT included), and you to keep your elderly ass in shape. From one to another.....geezers.

  7. Good news for sure. And thanks for not mentioning the unfortunate occurrence that took place at Coors field last night....AND AGAIN TODAY!

    1. Do you mean the Diamondbacks beating the Rockies 16 to 5 last night and 10 to 3 this afternoon? OK, I won't mention it.

  8. Glad to hear of her daily improvement. Hang in there Bruce. All will be well. :)

  9. It it would mean she lost 11 pounds, I think my wife wouldn't mind it if i broke my leg.

  10. Good to hear that Judy is making progress, and just as important, that she feels better.

  11. Good she's getting on with the nicest sadists she'll ever meet, which is to say, rehab folks.

  12. Good to hear SWMBO is able to engage more and more with life. Achieving something practical can be a great psychological boost.

  13. so glad to hear Judy continues to progress nicely. It must be really awful to not only have gone through the stress of moving day, but then have that happen. For both of you! You, trying to deal with the moving aftermath, and her (I'm sure) feeling awful that she's not there to help. Hugs to both of you!

  14. Oh my gosh, I've had such a busy week I missed this bit of news. I'm so sorry! Please tell Judy I'm sending super charged thoughts her way for a speedy recovery. I've fallen several times over silly little trips, the kind that never would have made me fall when I was young. I'm damned lucky none of those falls caused any serious injury.

  15. I'm glad Judy is doing better! Funny about the price making the item more desirable. "Free" does devalue things in some people's minds -- and it works both ways. When people pay for something, it's worth more to them than if they'd gotten it for free.