Sunday, July 30, 2017


We have a neighbor who comes to visit.

The previous tenant told us he used to feed her.

We haven't done that but she keeps coming back.

Like others of her breed, she is a master of balance.

I opened the window I was shooting these pictures through and her tiny comments attracted Blackwell.

When her antics finally convinced her that she wasn't going to get a treat, she got off the fence and went on her way.


  1. You might have rewarded her for her acrobatics, but then she'd be yours forever.

  2. Love the shot of Blackwell looking on.

  3. That is a hell of a fence, just noticed.

  4. I give her 9 out of 10 for her balance beam routine!

  5. She doesn't seem to be going hungry, just from the photos. Someone is obviously caring for her!


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