Saturday, July 8, 2017


The monsoon has officially arrived in Arizona!

Oh, I know, it's not a real big thing for most of you to see rain falling from the sky.

But when you live in the land of scorched earth and "but it's a dry heat" and temperatures above 100 for days in a row . . . that first rain of the summer monsoon is a very big deal.

I can remember our first evening in Phoenix back in early July of 1972.

We were in a small convenience store when everyone ran outside to enjoy a monsoon rain shower.

We thought they were crazy until we heard that it had been over 100 days since the last rain.

Now, many years later, we're the ones who dance in the rain.  

(Figuratively speaking.)

And we can open the house and let the blessed cool breeze blow through.



Stephen Hayes said...

When our son moved to Mesa he told us about the monsoons, which we were unaware of.

joeh said...

I only complain about rain when I have to cancel plans.

L Lewis said...

I have really been yearning for monsoon, not just to cut the heat, which it does in a matter of minutes, but the air is totally different. Denser. Deliciously moist. A balm to the skin. Certainly not the humidity of the Midwest. Just so pleasant. It's been a brutal summer for heat, so this feels like heaven.

Should Fish More said...

We're currently experiencing our version of a heat wave, 93 here, heard it over 100 in Missoula. Does cool into the low 50's at night, but few if any houses have AC. It was 75 in the house when I went to bed, too hot for me to sleep well.
I'd welcome a bit of rain myself.

Steve Reed said...

I bet it's wonderful when that rain finally arrives!

Sharon Anck said...

Lucky you! We still are waiting for the wet stuff to arrive down here.

Tom Cochrun said...

Nature's gift. It's been record setting warm out west. Leaving Paso Robles yesterday it was 104. Here in Cambria on the coast it was in the 80's. Tell Judy, no jig in the rain, yet! Just tap her fingers while YOU do the "Riverdance." On second thought, just picture it in your mind.

Tom said...


William Kendall said...

Hopefully it takes care of those wildfires in the area.

Zhoen said...

I love rain, too. Hoping to get some, someday.