Saturday, August 12, 2017


While SWMBO* was having a visit from the BRD* today I took a little drive up over the mountain, down through Jerome and Clarkdale to Old Cottonwood.

(*She Who Must Be Obeyed/Judy and the Beautiful Rich Daughter/Gayle)

As I told them when I returned, everywhere I went today it had rained yet I got only a light sprinkle on my windshield.

But here is why the Verde Valley is especially green this time of year.

A view from below of the Black Hills of Arizona, which house Mingus and Woodchute Mountains.

And a familiar sight from our years living in Arizona and particularly during the two years or so that we lived in Clarkdale: the road to Jerome.

That road which continues onward and upward over the Mingus Summit Rest Area and down the southwest side back to Prescott Valley is one of my favorite drives . . switchbacks, gawking slow-driving tourists and all.


Tom Cochrun said...

We know the road having made the visit with you guys a few times over the years. We always enjoy that drive-and the company!!

Steve said...

Nice drive.

Stephen Hayes said...

Interesting weather. Today it's raining in Portland. I doesn't usually rain in August but it's refreshing.

William Kendall said...

Dramatic skies!

joared said...

Traveled that road a few times. Stayed in Cottonwood by the road as it heads up to Jerome. First time we drove to Jerome only a few left over hippies lived there. Years later we were surprised how the community had become much more occupied.

Sharon Anck said...

Gorgeous shots. I love seeing all the clouds and the rain coming down.