Thursday, August 31, 2017


Y'all may have noticed that I haven't commented on Hurricane Harvey.

Well, now I will.

It's a terrible, hideous disaster brought on in part because of climate change.

The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are warmer than they have been in years past and that contributes to the unrelenting rainfall that has accompanied this storm.

No matter how much blather the deniers put out, climate change brought on and intensified this storm.

And then I saw that our President made a trip to Texas this week without meeting any of the survivors of the storm and made some self-serving statements before jetting back to the Beltway.

Vice-president Pence came to Texas today and met and hugged and prayed with survivors and even got his hands dirty carrying some broken tree branches away from the front of a building.

But, then, we all know he's running for President, don't we?

Do I sound a bit cynical?

Oh, yes, the President said today he's giving a million dollars of his own money to the relief effort.

Someone I know very well commented that money will probably come from the Trump Foundation that he doesn't contribute to.

But be that as it may.

I had a visitor this afternoon.

What my friend Mike in Montana will quickly identify as a "camp robber".

Down here in Arizona we call him a Mountain Jay.

He just stopped by for a drink.

Speaking of which . . . . . . .


Tom Cochrun said...

Your bird seems to have settled on a bird bath of matching color. How clever!
I agree with your thoughts re: Trump. I don't think he does anything that is not self serving.

The Bug said...

You speak the truth here! AND you have a pretty bird!

Anonymous said...

Nice Mountain Jay.


Steve Reed said...

That jay is very blue! I have nothing good to say about Trump and his visit to Texas. I don't agree with Pence's politics but at least the guy can play the part.

Should Fish More said...

Sun's always past the yardarm somewhere in the world, my friend. Here's lookin' atcha.
Finally had a (relatively) smoke free day yesterday, visibility was around 10 miles for a few hours before the smoke returned. Took the grandkids target shooting, will post a few on my blog later. For two of them, first time they'd held a gun. They did fine.
41 on my front porch at 8am.

Sharon Anck said...

We'll see if Mr. T actually gives any of his money away. He talks big about charity but, never follows through. I love the Mountain Jay. I have some font memories of watching these guys emptying the peanut feeder in record time.

Stephen Hayes said...

I heard that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are now at 87 degrees. Water that warm can make it's own climate and I think these once in 500 year storms are going to be much more regular with the Earth getting so warm.

joared said...

Reminds me of 100 year flood we had coming off Camelback Mtn in early '70's, then darned if it didn't happen twice more only a few years later. Poor folks in Paradise Valley above where we lived had not benefited from zoning and house was in a wash. Said they finally just opened the front and back doors and let the water wash through. Houston lax on their zoning, too, so wonder if that issue will be addressed in future.

Appreciate your comments on DJT and his Veep. Nice the Jay stopped by for a drink with you. Enjoy your cartoons.

William Kendall said...

Different than the jays we have here, but some of the same habits.

That man is a repugnance. The sooner he is dragged kicking and screaming out of office, the better. I would be pleased to never hear his nasal whine again.