Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I know, I know, I haven't been blogging much lately, other than posting the dubious Friday Funnies.

Well, that's something, isn't it?

Okay, update.

Judy, aka SWMBO, is making great progress in her recovery from her femur fracture in mid June.

She's still using the walker but she said the other evening to me "I have had several instances lately where I suddenly found myself a couple of steps away from the walker with no other support."

She made the mistake of mentioning that to her PT guy today and he said "Thursday bring your cane."


But her mood is good, most of the time, and I think she's looking at each of these developments, small as they may seem to the rest of us, as challenges to surmount.

And surmount them she shall.

After the hurricane . . .

The BRD's Beau Jack has a son who has lived in Key West for years and he and his lady evacuated a couple of days before Irma blasted across the keys maybe 25 or 30 miles from their home.

They came to Arizona to take temporary refuge with Jack and Gayle and have been anxiously scanning the internet trying to find out how their home fared.

From what they could tell today it looks like their house escaped wind damage.

Next is to find out about water.

So this terrible tragedy has come closer to home for us.

Some tidbits . . .

A very good friend who suffered a fall recently learned that she fractured a couple of vertebrae in her spine, is wearing a brace and is not-too-patiently waiting to meet with a neurosurgeon.

But she'll be okay . . she's only 85.

Another friend, Lori who lives Down the Street from our previous home, emailed that she had made a quiche and a pumpkin pie this morning.

Nothing, she said, spells autumn like quiche and pumpkin pie.

And our weather is about to break, with high temperatures dropping into the 70's later this week.


I'm doing fine.

First check of my new Pacemaker tomorrow.

The photos were taken from my front and back yards this evening.

I like the last one.


Val said...

Good to hear that SWMBO is on the mend, and that your people were not injured by the hurricane. I hope you check out okay with your new pacemaker! The photo seems like it is showing light at the end of the storm.

Jager said...

A SoCal friend of mine has had his pacemaker a few weeks. He says, "I snap awake in the middle of the night and have a strange sensation that I have a tiny thermonuclear device planted in my body."

Glad things are going well with SWMBO.

Tom Cochrun said...

Glad to hear that Judy continues to make good progress.
I too really like that last photo. Be well

L Lewis said...

a Bob Dylan favorite o me o my love that country pie!

Steve said...

Great update.

Steve Reed said...

I'm glad SWMBO is getting better and your pacemaker is working out OK! You got some interesting cloud shots! I suppose many of us were touched by the hurricane one way or another, even if we never felt the actual wind and rain.

The Bug said...

I'm glad that SWMBO is making good progress! I told Mike today that I could start helping with the laundry & he reminded me that the laundry room is a good place for me to violate ALL of the things on the "don't" list & that I could just wait three more weeks thank you very much. It's hard to be patient!

Sharon Anck said...

So good to hear the SWMBO is making great progress and that you are doing well with the new pacemaker. Looks like you have had a lot more clouds up your way than we have down here. It sounds like you have a lot of bird activity right in your own back yard. That is something I miss from the old house but at least I can go to the garden and enjoy their company.

Lowell said...

It sounds like SWMBO is doing well and that you have a good heart and maybe there's some connection. Sure hope your friend's house is not swamped but the Keys in general are at about sea level so it doesn't take much to put water in a house. But at least it wasn't washed out to sea.

Stephen Hayes said...

Glad to hear SWMBO is making great progress, I hope Jsck returns to find his house intact.

Catalyst said...

Actually, Stephen, it's Jack's son who lives in Key West.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like things are coming along.