Saturday, September 2, 2017


My friend the Ladder-Backed Woodpecker was back at the tree in my backyard again last evening and this time I got some pictures of him.

They're a little grainy but he's identifiable.

As he was working over the tree, seeking bugs for his dinner, he seemed distracted by something at the nearby bird bath.

I wondered if he would go down and get a drink.

But no!

As I widened my vision I saw what had the woodpecker concerned.

A large mourning dove had zoomed in for his taste.

Though much larger than the woodpecker, he's probably much less brave.

But he didn't pay the slightest attention, just got his drink, turned his back and then flew off, frightening the woodpecker away with his flapping wings.

And so ends this episode of Life at the Avian Crossroads.


Anonymous said...

The cat man is also a bird man.


Zhoen said...

Living their own lives, we observe.

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for filling us in on the happenings at Avian Crossroads.

Silver Willow said...

Beautiful. And I love mourning doves. :)

RedPat said...

The dove really gives an idea of the scale of the woodpecker!

Tom Cochrun said...

Wild life in PV.

Should Fish More said...

It's a bird peck bird world.

The Bug said...

Lucky you to have such a good view of a woodpecker! We have a lot of doves here in NC too - I' glad because I would have missed them.

joared said...

This was strictly for the birds!

William Kendall said...

Quite a woodpecker!