Sunday, January 6, 2019


I know Julie London never sang about "a foggy day in Prescott Valley town" but she could have today.

As a rain and snow filled second storm moved across Northern Arizona it left fog obscuring our ancient volcano, Glassford Hill, in that top photo.

Earlier this morning, all I could see looking toward the other side of town was fog but it was lifting as I took this photograph.

The cool (not really cold) temperatures and rain on the street created a somewhat drab scene.

The other day I donned my cold weather coat for an excursion into a snowy world after the battery died in my car as it was parked in my garage.

Yes, that is not a happy camper.

But a new battery was purchased and installed and today this is all I can find in my driveway from our snowstorm of New Year's Eve.

Warmer, drier weather and happier days are just around the corner.

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