Wednesday, January 2, 2019


I wandered past a television set today and heard the President of the United States talking about India giving Afghanistan a library.

He said something along the lines of . . "a library.  That's nice.  I don't know who would use it but that's nice."

It's not the library shown in the picture above but still.

Who would USE it?

I would think that there are some, perhaps quite a few, Afghanis who would love to spend time in a library rather than dodging bullets and car bombs and terrorists of one belief or another.

But then I'm not the president so what do I know?

This evening I was looking back at my blog history again and I ran across this cartoon from early 2009, in the waning days of the second Bush administration.



Jager said...

We're finding out aren't we.

Tom Cochrun said...

This president is a disgrace to humanity. He represents the words of the human specie.

Geo. said...

The fact that this country still exists after W.Bush and 2 years of Trump is testament to what other administrations did right. I only hope there's enough democracy remaining to see us through.

RedPat said...

People who read!

Sharon Anck said...

This made me laugh. When I was in New York last October, my friend and I went to the New York Public Library to see the beautiful reading rooms. After walking through the beautiful rooms and talking to several docents, we left the building and I said to my friend "we have just toured a place in New York City that Donald Trump has never been." It was meant to be funny but I'm pretty sure it's also true.

William Kendall said...

Every single time I hear the sound of that prick's voice, I feel like hitting him. A nice thing that I'll never be in proximity to him- and I know that sooner or later karma's going to bring down on him exactly what he deserves. I believe he is the worst human being alive today.

Should Fish More said...

Agree with every other comment (so far), and along with Geo I wonder just how much democracy is left in the tank.
I'm still left wondering, though, about the 59 million who voted for him, and the roughly 24 million who currently think he's doing a good job.
If this were a marriage, we'd be on our way to divorce court.

robin andrea said...

Today the House of Representatives will begin to their job. I am both elated by this and fearful of what the lunatic will do to distract from the battles that are about to begin.

The Bug said...

Amen to all of this!

Zhoen said...

He's functionally illiterate. He's in hell. He sees no beauty, no kindness, has no intelligence or wonder.

The problem is that he should be in treatment, not allowed sharp objects. Prison will do.