Tuesday, February 12, 2019


"Yes, I am more than a little cold.

True, I do have this heavy cloak but still.

You mock me by putting that circle of ice down next to me.

You leave me standing out here on a snowy morning.

Am I not expected to pout?"

But it's warmer today.

The snow and ice are gone.

And La Monja may just be doing an impersonation of a certain president.

What do you think?


Sharon Anck said...

La Monja is much nicer looking than that certain president you refer too. A little sunshine will do a world of good.

Steve Reed said...

Yeah, I agree with Sharon. She's better looking than the Prez!

Jager said...

Trimmer too.

William Kendall said...

La Monja does not seem amused.

Zhoen said...

She looks serene to me.