Sunday, February 28, 2021


 The mercury in my thermometer is topping out at about 45 degrees today.

And the wind is blowing, as it usually does here in Prescott Valley.

The first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe is still three weeks away, regardless of what your particular groundhog or weather prognosticator predicts.

But that hasn't stopped the blood from speeding up in SWMBO's veins.

Nor of visions of seedlings dancing through her dreams.

So she recently took delivery of a three- (or four-, depending on how you look at it) shelf garden rack.

She didn't order it from IKEA but it did arrive in a small-ish, flat carton with no instructions included.

But she comes from a family of handymen and general contractors which includes a father, a brother and a son to whom assembly instructions are what one consults when all else fails.

So she launched into it and (with my gentle observation that one of the shelves end supports was upside down) soon had it all lashed together.

There are a few pots of soil awaiting plantings.

We're thinking mostly herbs.

Parsley and basil and thyme and maybe some rosemary and sage and spicy peppers and, of course, the requisite cherry tomatoes in the barrel across the patio.

But in spite of a new law in Arizona allowing personal growing in a limited sense and recreational use of the products thereof, she hasn't mentioned her own private marijuana bush.



  1. Think about it, a nice indiac strain, low THC, high it, yeah you'll be on the watch list, but at our age who cares....I grew some years ago, it's not hard, and in your climate it'd do well outside, concealed from potential envious thieves...

  2. Thieving is the main problem with that idea!

  3. You've got a great spot to do your mini grow, what ever you raise.
    We'd recommend the micro greens assortment, if you can get a packet. They are magnificent and have made the best salads.
    And yea, grow a weed bush.

  4. I may grow tomatoes this year; I haven't yet decided. The wonder of growing things is extremely therapeutic.

  5. I'm surprised you're waiting for her to mention it...

  6. Perhaps you can bring the subject up.