Sunday, June 26, 2022


 Yes, once again, I know what you're thinking.

"Monsoon? In Arizona? What the heck is he smokin' anyway?"

But it's true.

We do have a monsoon in Arizona.

Actually two of them.

One in the middle of the year, the summer monsoon.

And one toward the end of the year, the winter monsoon.

What monsoon means is that there is a change in the wind direction, which tends to bring in moisture to our state.

What rain we get . . granted, it's not much . . is preceded by towering clouds.

So here's what I saw the other day.

My view was through a window on the second floor of our public library.

In this next picture, you can see a little of the adjacent city government building on the left, flanked by those delicious whipped cream clouds.

True to form, we have had a couple of days with thunder, lightning, wind and, yes, even some rain.

In this hot and dry state, it is greatly appreciated.


  1. Just a tease. Not even rain yet to lower my water bill!

  2. Savor that moisture. Every drop is a good thing.

  3. Do you ever get enough to fill the washes or is that in another part of the state? Please excuse my geographical ignorance!

    1. Oh yes, the washes fill at times and people have drowned.

  4. Rain is always greatly appreciated here too, by me at least.

  5. I was surprised to see that AZ has monsoons. I blundered across this fact on my own. I follow a blog ( John winters in AZ and was just as surprised by the fact as I was. He leaves before it gets hot and travels for the summer.

  6. We got some rain down here yesterday. Not enough to fill any reservoirs, just enough to ruin a $21.00 car wash.

  7. We experienced a heavy monsoon rain yesterday when driving through Flagstaff….complete with some flooding across the road due to the burn scars. I guess hope no damage from the flooding and enjoy the rain while you can!

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  9. Ah, that's why we're getting 20% chance of rain forecasts starting tomorrow. Let's see if there is any moisture in them clouds. - zhoen

  10. It doesn't sound like kind of monsoons they get in India and Bangladesh.