Friday, January 27, 2023


 Me: "Gadfrey, is it ever going to warm up?"

SWMBO: "It's only January, you idiot!"

Me: "I know. Isn't it ever going to warm up?"

It seems like we've had an interminably long cold winter so far and I know it's not going to be over until late March but jeeze!

Isn't it ever going to warm up?

Well, as we sit huddled around the fire in the living room (and we don't even have a fireplace!) about all we can do is exert ourselves to get the blood flowing.

Like try laughing maybe.

Just think about it for awhile, it'll come to you.

As for the rest of you, let's go out there . . . no, wait, let's stay inside where it's warm . . . but endeavor to have yourselves an enthrallingly exciting and entertaining weekend!

And always remember to keep laughing!

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

(. . . oh yeah . . .)


  1. A fire, but no fireplace? You move it around from place to place, from time to time? Make sure the hole in the roof is kept clear, for the smoke.

  2. The sandpaper one hurts.

    That cat is seriously relaxed.

  3. Well you know I love Jean Luc and his Number 1. But what a great bunch of laughs today. Cheap tools! The dog moose! Spend all your money! That's what it's for!

  4. "Spam" was funny -- but I actually got the biggest laugh out of you sitting by the fire in your living room with no fireplace!

  5. Ah now that we've had our first good laughs of the day we can go out and enjoy the freezing cold air here too. LOL! Thank you for these Friday Funnies.

  6. These were all so funny I was laughing from the very first one.
    I'm with you on cold. I'm getting pretty tired of hearing how it's 10 to 15 degrees colder than normal.

  7. Spam--LOL! I love my fireplace, and you remind me that I haven't turned it on yet this morning. That dog in the fence was great!

  8. This is a prize group. I loved them all but the moose dog really gave me a laugh. We are up to 0˚C here with a nit of sun thrown in so not too bad.

  9. STATIONARY? Or perhaps that joker meant to spell it - STATIONERY? Otherwise I am utterly confused.

  10. Loved your line about sitting around the fire

  11. I don't go to Hawaii for the same reason. Ha Ha, spam.