Friday, March 1, 2024


 So there I was, dozing in the Arms of Morpheus, thinking "I didn't do the Friday Funnies yesterday and schedule them to publish early this morning."

But feeling incredibly lazy I decided I'd just grab a few more winks.

And then.

And Then.


I finally got up, turned on my computer and nothing happened.

I got some weird messages that said it wouldn't boot up and after fussing with it for some time I got in touch with my computer genius, who I refer to as Saint Rick.

He said to bring it over and awhile later I did.

He fixed it in about 30 seconds.

I won't go into the details.

They're too embarrassing.

But anyway, on this first day of March, FINALLY, here are my snippets of silliness for the week.

And that my dear and patient friends, is it!

The very late but ridiculously laughable items for this Friday.

(where it's still Friday)

Now don't let YOUR computers jam up on you this weekend and make it a memorable one.

And always remember to keep laughing!

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

( . . . oh, yeah, I've been there . . . )


  1. Worth waiting for! Loved the trash bag man bun! All things burro and all things Julia!

  2. That could have been my cat in the last one. It was worth the wait for the giggles. Thanks.

  3. I know a guy with a man bun. A dumbass who can't do anything for himself and tries foisting everything off on others. It astounds me that he's still employed.

  4. They were more than worth waiting for! I burst out laughing at more than one. The burro vs burrow was brilliant.

  5. That funny is ass-inine. hehe Mari is generally decent about getting petted (no biting and scratching); she just escapes somewhere else when she's tired of the attention. Glad the computer is fixed. Operator error?

  6. Good ones! Worth the wait.

  7. tc-Light/Breezes-Better late than not at all. Love the ass and a hole in the ground.

  8. Oh thank goodness. When I woke up this morning to no friday funnies, I had the feeling that our universe had begun to unravel.

  9. I really like the burro cartoon.

  10. I'm glad to see that your issues were resolved. It's just not a proper Friday without the Funnies

  11. My kitty NEVER says "that's enough" I could pet her until I dropped dead and she'd just keep purring as long as my cold dead hands were still on her.
    Love the male GPS.

  12. I like the man bun and I have often quoted the wine one ! The cat at the end reminds me of when I was last feeding a friend's cat and thought I would sit awhile and give her some company.....she thanked me by giving my hand a scratching! Never again dear Daisy !!

  13. I chortled out loud about the male hair bun one! Why don't you give it a go Bruce?
    P.S. Your tardy posting is forgiven

  14. As one who doesn't think highly of manbuns, I'm kinda in line with that one image.

  15. These were hilarious, but the trash bag one made me cackle. Thanks!

  16. I'm glad I checked back to see if there were some Friday Funnies here. Yes! A wonderful way to start my Sunday morning with such good laughs. Thank you! (NewRobin13)