Wednesday, April 17, 2024


 Finally, true Spring has arrived.

SWMBO and I were out front gathering up last Autumn's leaves and pulling weeds awhile ago.

When we came in, I checked the temperature.

That's an AI generated image but it shows the actual temperature here in the Central Highlands of Arizona right now.

Mid-day on April 17th.


In spite of that tad-high reading right now the day was sunny and felt perfect, as Judy told a passing neighbor.

But I'm thinkin', "If that's the temperature in mid-April, what are the next few months going to be like?"

Warm, I'd say.

No, very warm.

No, just plain hot!

Climate change is definitely here, my friends.

Brace yourselves.


  1. I'll take the heat over the cold any day. I've got all my doors open today. Finally!

  2. Yes, we are wet wet wet...and cold...but so often we are getting a long dry spell...not always but sometime late Spring when we actually need is all jumbled up

  3. It was 86° here in the Appalachian foothills, and only a little cooler today. Canada is looking inviting.

  4. Maybe 81 was a fluke? My perfect temps are from 70-80. Anything over 90 is way too hot. I'm sure I would adjust but I feel that I'm too old to want to.

  5. Climate change is variable and we can get lots of too hot weather.

  6. Now there's a temperature I can live with happily all year round please. None of this melt-on-the-pavement or freeze-like-an-icecube or any of the many variations from that. A nice, even 80-81 with sunny days and rainy nights (for the plants).

  7. I don't like heat, so even 81 is too warm for me. Hopefully this is just global weirding and it doesn't mean your summer will be unbearable. One can always hope.

  8. Here in south-west Sweden it's still quite chilly even if we're now beginning to see more and more spring flowers at last. (5'C=41'F) One never knows with the month of April here, though. It can offer anything between snow to summer temperatures.

    1. Actually my header picture is of cherry trees in Stockholm. I should have remembered that when I commented on your blog. 😜

  9. Heat one day, AC the next, mother natures menopause.