Sunday, May 19, 2024


I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday and stumbled across the waning moments of a classic car show in its parking lot.

But I did get a few quick photos.

I asked the owner of this little beauty what year it was from.

He said "1933" and I replied "My gawd. that was before I was born!"

I did a little research and believe it was probably a Ford.

He has done a beautiful job on it and it was my favorite of the ones I saw.

Here are the few others I had a chance to photograph.

I can never resist a gorgeous red car but this one had an extra appeal that I liked.

Did you see it?

Fuzzy Dice!

Hanging from the rear view mirror.

They bring back a lot of memories.

Most of the cars had roared off driven out before I could get my camera going but one car owner had a bit of bad luck.

His car wouldn't start and he had to have it towed.

So it goes in the world of classic cars.


  1. I love that old panel truck. Also your '33 Ford.

  2. And with a bit of tlc classic cars last...unlike some more modern ones....

  3. I had a 55 Ford, also red like that had the hood ornament still. Last I saw it was at a gas station in San Diego in March '69 where it stopped running.

  4. I think it's amazing that they run at all. Of course, it's probably just the body with all new innards, right? Love the color of that first car. Fuzzy dice! How retro!

  5. I must take in a car show or two but I have too many other things that get in the way.

  6. I LOVE the colour on that first one, the second could be a hearse and the third reminds me of Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang! Bad luck about the one that wouldn't start.

  7. You need to keep a closer eye upon what is going on in your locality then you won't miss anything. After all - you nearly missed the car show!

  8. Oh, that's a bummer -- to have your classic car die at a classic car show!

  9. I can't resist old cars either. These are some real beauties. I don't thinkni could pick a favorite.
    The one that wouldn't start: classic classic car! Remember how unreliable cars could be back then? Distributor caps, rotor buttons, clogged carburetors, bad plug wires, alternators and batteries always giving out, starter cellenoids (sp?)...and the list goes on. At least we could fix most of that ourselves.