Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah who???

The pick of Senator John McCain to be his running mate. Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Click on the bottom picture to read the caption.


  1. The best line I've heard about this came from a Minnesota newspaper blog-

    "Her last job was as mayor of a town that has as many residents as Wolf Lake. Can you name the current mayor of Wolf Lake? No, I didn't think so. Now, whoever he is, do you think he's ready to be President of the United States?"

  2. From an e-mail I got today which I won't repeat, it looks like the internet sharks are smelling blood in the water.

  3. I am too cynical to comment about Sarah.

  4. There I was hoping you'd have some insights. I'm intrigued about this e-mail you got though...

    I did wonder what she'd drugged her baby with to make it sleep through all that racket. Perhaps it wasn't a real baby, just a stuffed one.

  5. Ooooohhhh, Lucy! You're even crueler than some of our U.S. curmudgeons!


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