Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've said it before: Barack Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention tonight was a transformational moment. He made his first big impression on the national conscience four years ago when he gave a speech at the convention of that year.

People began to notice him.

Tonight, I can't imagine anyone, even my lifelong Republican father, who couldn't have been moved by this speech. Granted, he is a natural orator. But tonight he overcame all the rhetoric and got down to the points of his "change."

I was a supporter of Hillary Clinton to the end of the primaries. But tonight, I totally came over to the Obama side. For the first time, I saw not only the high-minded speechifying but the true measure of the man.

I will be proud to do what I can to elect Barack Obama the next president and I think he may go down in history as one of our best.


Other convention highlights:

The speeches of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton. I thought Joe Biden's speech was good but not great. Although I didn't see all of it, I gather the speech by the governor of Montana was quite a barnburner too.

I was quite happy not to see any sign of John Edwards.

Contrary to the view of Colonel Colonel, I think the Clintons were spectacular at this convention and both of their speeches were great.


AND, I thought Michael McDonald's verson of "America" was nearly as good as the late great Ray Charles'.


Mike said...

I like Barack, but I admit that I am still (mostly) a bit skeptical. I was completely impressed by his speech last night though. I was hoping for more specifics, but he did pretty good.

Mike said...

Oh, and I liked Bill's speech too. He did a fantastic job and now I remember why people voted for him.

Catalyst said...

Good 'un.