Thursday, February 19, 2009

More changes

This little restaurant has become a favorite breakfast spot for SWMBO and me. It's a sister place to the Apple Pan restaurant in Prescott.

But lately there have been some disquieting signs. Sometimes the restaurant was open, sometimes it wasn't. I stopped in at the Apple Pan in Prescott today and talked to Sue Ann, who gave me the bad news that was confirmed by a sign in the window.
She said they had worked hard for 2-1/4 years but they just couldn't make it at that location. So it's gone. Sue Ann said business is down at the location still open. I asked her if that was because of the recession. She said she didn't know but she hoped so.

She also said the opening of the big new Roberts Marketplace just across the street also had something to do with their decision since that place will soon have a pizza restaurant and a deli.

So it goes.


  1. (Hope I have the right spot for this comment re: Sue Ann.) I'm very sad to hear that the Apple Pan isn't making it in PV. The LH & I were breakfast regulars at the original even before Marilyn (the previous owner) moved it over to that strange location on Gurley. I have pix for a blog about the place which I really should put up soon, if indeed I can bring any business to the restaurant.

  2. Sue Ann and Mark are great people. Anything you can do for them will be appreciated.

  3. I'll do that once I get my unreal computer back. Window$ bah humbug!

  4. What a shame these small businesses have to close. It is the same over here, with the monopolies taking over all the trade. My nephew in NZ is in the boat building trade, & there have been several closures, so he is very worried for his future too.

  5. Awe, that is so sad. Seems like your town is really getting hit hard. I love old quaint place to shop and eat. Except for the one serving muskrat in my state. NEVER. AGAIN.
    No wonder we all got food poisoning there (4 of us) in one day.
    That was just a little too quaint!

  6. PS. Not sure if you use rss feed, but mine is down, but I did post last night. Malach is trying to find time to help me fix it.

  7. Actually most of the closings have been in the next town over from us. Our town is doing pretty good.

    As for feed, I use Google Reader. I don't know whether that is RSS or not.

  8. Award is posted...
    sorry about your little breakfast nook :(

  9. Ah well, all things pass on into history. I just feel sorry for the owners.

  10. It's becoming a sign of the times, isn't it?


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