Monday, February 23, 2009

More signs of the times

I was in Prescott today and decided to stop at Porky's Barbecue for one of their pulled pork sandwiches. After trying several doors and finding them all locked, I became more observant and noticed this sign.

Since today was a Monday, I was out of luck. But when I do get in, perhaps this is what I'll have to eat.

I also stopped at Park Plaza to check on Granny J's rumor last week that the Mexican restaurant and grocery store had closed. Correct on one and not so correct on the other. The restaurant has changed its name to the Pita Pit and advertises Kronos' Gyros on the front window. I stopped in and perused the menu which features a pretty good number of Greek items but also still offers Mexican food.

Then I walked down a couple of steps to the grocery store. It is the same and one of the employees told me it will remain as a basically Mexican market. But they've apparently severed their connection to the restaurant.

Meantime, in my town of Prescott Valley, progress continues at Roberts Marketplace. Construction workers are busy erecting steel over the site of the former tiny convenience store.

I inquired of a clerk in the new store and was told 16 additional fuel pumps are being added. It's becoming a gasoline superstore!


  1. Good info Catalyst! Did you pop in to the greek shop for a bite?

  2. No, just stopped in to pick up a takeaway menu but they didn't have any yet so I scanned their regular menu.

  3. Just not a fan of Greek food at all.

    I do love Mexican food and BBQ though. Yeah, I have been in heaven for the last few weeks.

    My wife and I went to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night and I actually ate myself into a food coma.

  4. Aha! See! There is something good about Houston!

  5. I wouldn't mind a Greek food fix. I've had rather good stuff at Pasquale's. /thanks for further info -- I should have cross checked the gossip that I picked up when I got my Thai take-out.

  6. That new 'super gas' outlet is huge. Do you think they will survive in these hard times?
    The Porky's place sounds nice. I am such a fool for a nice pork anything!

  7. GJ - Tombo tried it today and said he liked it. Curiously I took my friend Reed a sandwich from Pasquale's today.

    Meggie - Only time will tell but it's the only gas station in that end of town next to a busy highway. Yes, Porky's is good, though it is a chain.

  8. I am in shell shock today. Yesterday I tried to call and order sushi from my favorite family run sushi restaurant (not a chain) that has been here for well over 25 year. The phone was disconnected, so I drove by and to my horror, they were closed down. Ok, that is it! Now my only sancturary for affordable, real, authentic and fresh sushi is gone?? WTF? What has this world come to. There are so many small businesses we frequent and they are vanishing all over the place.
    I am really sad now, this one was personal!

  9. Always bad when a good eatery closes. Sign of the times, as you said.

  10. M.I. - Sorry to hear about your fav place closing.

    Steve - Unfortunately, there are more and more of those signs.