Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I'm staying inside today!

Sunday, Sunday, and Baby It's Cold Outside.  Either song could describe mid-day in my town, Arizona.

Do you see that white stuff on the branches of our mimosa tree?  That's snow!

The little evergreen closer to the ground seems huddled under a white blanket.

We could go for a drive, if the windshield wipers aren't frozen in place.

Hmmm, maybe a backyard picnic lunch?

Oh, sure, just take a seat!

And honey, this honeysuckle vine seems like it's shivering.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. great pictures! I was up in Prescott Saturday and was kind of caught off-guard by how much snow was accumulating on the roads in the early afternoon, but made it out of town and back to Tucson ok -- lots of sliding cars between Prescott and Prescott Valley on the big hill.

  2. Glad you made it back o.k. Next time you're up this way, we should try to get together.

  3. Better you than us kimosabe. We had a snow crown on some of the Santa Lucia, but it was gone by later morning.

  4. My friends don't believe me when I tell them you have snow in Arizona!
    We have had such humid weather here, it is like moving about in a Sauna.

  5. Now that after all our snow is finally gone, you have some!

  6. I would trade you some of our cold for some of your snow. Then again, I don't think so. If it looks like Germany, and feels like Germany, it must be Arizona.

  7. Ha ha! Love it said she who is up to her eyeballs in snow :)


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