Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chinee food!

O.K. I know I'm going to offend someone with that title.  But it goes way back, decades, to my Charlie Chan days on television.  Maybe even before.

But . . . I made some egg drop soup tonight for SWMBO and I.  It was easy.  It was delicious.  The recipe came from the internets.  Again, can I say: it was easy, it was delicious.

That was a preview to my Kung Pao Chicken.  My Kung Pao Chicken.  I do exaggerate.  It came in a frozen bag from the supermarket.  Heat it up in a large non-stick frying pan, throw in the bag of peanuts, toss in the bag of sauce.  Combine it all with the microwaved bag of rice.  It's dinner!

It's amazing what they can do with frozen food these days. 

But, by gawd, my egg drop soup was made from scratch.  And it was good.  And there's enough left for tomorrow.


Steve said...

I'm not big on egg drop soup, but I do like Chinese. Most of it anyway.

Catalyst said...

Maybe you need to try mine!

Jerry said...

Okay, I love Kung Pao chicken -- in fact planning on going out and having some for lunch. I didn't know you could get it at the grocery store. I need to search harder.

Catalyst said...

Jerry, look for it in the frozen foods. It comes in a bag and takes less than 20 minutes to fix at home.

The Bug said...

We had that very same kung pao chicken this past week! Very yummy. I should check out the egg drop soup - we'd probably enjoy that too. Although, not being the cook in the family, I guess I should ask Dr. M to check it out :)