Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flowers again

Wouldn't that beauty look good in a lapel of one of Tom Wolfe's white suits?

Smoke likes nothing better than to share the patio with us. Especially after he has taken a dirt bath!

The prince of the manor!


Kitty said...

Brilliant picture of Smoke - a very good header! x

Catalyst said...

He is a very good poser.

meggie said...

Smoke looks very regal! He sure is handsome.

Catalyst said...

For what is basically a neighborhood scavenger, he does cut quite a figure.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous cat.

Port Orchard flowers

Catalyst said...

Oh, you're going to spoil him!

Thanks for stopping by, Arlene, come back again.

TomboCheck said...

Great photos Catalyst!
Both flowers and feline look brilliant.

Catalyst said...

Fantastic! Thanks Tombo.