Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Through the lens, blurrily!

It's the front patio flowers bursting into bloom. That time of year. First, the pink roses.

And my favorite, the firecracker rose.

And the pinwheel.

Wait a minute . . . how did that get in here?

Oh, yeah, pansies. That's what I meant.

A mix of geraniums and marigolds.

The marigolds of peace. (Oh, realllllyyy, Catalyst!)

The ever-present Vinca.

Now, I think you can see what I mean. Some of these pictures are a little blurry. Had nothing to do with me holding the camera in one hand and my drink in the other. Just inexperience with this damned camera. One of these days, I'm gonna read the manual. If I can find it.


Anonymous said...

You have lots of flowers. Nothing wrong with a single handed drink shot. I mean single handed photo shoot.

TomboCheck said...

Gotta love when all the gardening work pays off with flowers. Not that I would know though, I have the touch of death with green things.

As far as the pics go, I'm guessing turning on your macro mode (little Flower Icon on the camera ironically enough) would help immensely. :)

Catalyst said...

WP2 - Spoken like a man of experience!

TomboC - I know what you mean - I leave the gardening to the girls.

As for macro, my old Kodak is a little different but I think I once again have figured out the macro adjustment. We'll see.

meggie said...

The pics look pretty to me. Love that Firecracker rose.
As we head into late Autumn, our bulbs seem to be flowering!

Catalyst said...

Glory be! I love you folks (like me) whose eyesight is fading!

Colonel Colonel said...

Manual?? Wee don' need no stinkin' manual, just keep hittin' buttons and see what happens!

Mike said...

It's okay Catalyst. I need new glasses so I don't notice blurry anymore.

Catalyst said...

CC - Yeah, that's what I've been doing, even after I looked at the manual. The experiment continues.

Mike - Bless you, my son.

Anonymous said...

Cat, you need to do like me. Shoot a hundred photos, digital is cheaper than film, and do like me, keep the 5 or 10 that come out. My thoughts are the more shots the better. It's the camera not the guy behind it. I'm nearsighted and need the telephoto. The bigger the better. Mine is 7X. I seldom use Macro, almost always out of focus.

Malicious Intent said...

I love the pics, especially the pansies which are some of my favorites. I need to go out and get a pic of my iris's, they are gorgeous right now. Nice shots.
Yay, our Kitty is back!

Catalyst said...

WP - I like that plan.

Mal-I - My mother always had pansies in the spring. They are pretty.

Granny J said...

worldphotos there reminded me of my particular photography problem -- my newer, betterer camera with a 12x zoom is lousy for close-ups, even though there is that little flower thingy if you push the right button. So I retreat to my older, simpler camera which lets me get right close to the blossoms. Ergo, Cat-A, what you obviously need is an older camera!