Thursday, June 5, 2008


A friend and I were talking today . . . first about hunting, then about fishing.

I can only think of twice when I was really hunting with a gun in my hand. The first experience, with my Dad, was a good one as I brought down three or four Prairie Chickens, each with a single shot.

The second time I was alone, looking for pheasants. The only one I saw exploded into flight virtually from under my feet. I didn't come close to hitting it. I don't know what I would have done with it if I had killed it anyway.

But fishing. Now I liked fishing. At least when I caught something. I hated trolling. That's riding in a slow-moving boat with your hook in the water. Usually, I brought up weeds.

One day, at a lake in Canada, after trolling most of the day and not having caught anything, we came back to the dock at dusk. Dad headed up to the cabin to find something to cook for dinner. I said I was going to do some casting off the dock. Aha! Dusk apparently was feeding time and I almost immediately caught a fine Northern Pike, or a Jack as we called them.

Putting the fish on a stringer, I ran up the hill to the cabin to show Dad my prize. As he began cleaning it, I ran back down to the lake and promptly caught another.

By the time I brought a third fish up the hill, Dad said "Okay, that's enough." But it was a great triumphant day for me.

While telling my pal that story I was reminded of a couple of pictures that were taken back in the 1940's. So from at least 60 years ago, here's how it used to be at Carlyle Lake, in Saskatchewan.

That's my Dad on the far right. He's with three of his pals after a good day of fishing.

And here's Dad with a big fish, probably a Wall-eyed Pike, which we called Walleyes. As you can see by Dad's smile, that was a triumphant day for him.


Anonymous said...

Love this post. I haven't fished in ten years. It's really restrictive in German about where, when, how, etc., that I finally gave up. Did catch a lot of pike when I was active.

Catalyst said...

It's been a lot more than ten years for me. And at my age, I think trolling would be a pleasure.

Dawn said...

That fish is huge! And I say that with the utmost respect considering I'm a Newfie... ;-)

Catalyst said...

Uh-yep, he's a big 'un.

meggie said...

Wow! I bet they don't catch them that size any more.
My Uncle has photos of himself with trout that size, that he caught in the river that ran through his farm. Now they have to restock the river, it is so popular with tourists to New Zealand.
I love to eat fish, but can never think about catching them!

Catalyst said...

I'm kind of like you, Meggie. I love to eat and catch fish but can't stand the thought of cleaning one.

Lucy said...

A family I worked for once farmed som pretty big trout, but not so big as that! They'd give me one sometimes, I didn't enjoy the cleaning much, but found if I did it, cut them up and put them in the freezer for a bit I could face them later to eat. Fish is as far as I'll got though, can't do fur or feather.

Fascinating pictures, Cat!

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Lucy.

meggie said...

Here is a new image of Cat for us to get to know! I remember when I talked Gom into longer hair, platform shoes, & some facial hair... he hated every minute, & couldn't wait for the shaving off of the 'fungus'. What great memories, Cat!

Catalyst said...

My beard started a short time after that photo and SWMBO won't let me shave it off.

Incidentally, the silly grin is because I am joyfully driving my new MGB!