Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Progress . . . or not

My last post on this blog brought out a plethora of what most of Arizona calls "tree huggers." Up around here, they're also known as "no growthers." They are people who have moved here from somewhere else or who have grown up here. When I first moved to Phoenix several decades ago from "back East", the expression was "O.K. I made it to Paradise, now let's slam the door."

But, you know, you just can't stop growth. Folks like me call it progress. The other folks call it urban blight. If you have a place that regularly makes it onto some list or the other as being a great place to retire then what do you suppose happens? People move here from somewhere else. And there is growth. And the people that come want all the amenities they left behind. But they don't want that damned "urban blight."

So, what's the solution. Mine (I should really say SWMBO's and the BRD's because they've done the lion's share of the work) is to build our own oasis. You can have all those stores and restaurants and bars and car dealers and fast food joints and still have . . . your very own oasis of calm and beauty.

For example . . . these pictures were taken on our front patio, only steps from our front door.

And you can lean back in a comfortable chair, with a drink in your hand and look at the sky. It is boundless.

So remember, folks, every cloud . . .

has a silver lining.

If that's not enough, just remember . . . we've got our eyes on you.


TomboCheck said...

Hey pal, you calling me a tree-hugger? :)

Sadly enough, the older I get the truer the name fits. When I was a teenager I craved all the stores and entertainment that seemed to be everywhere but here. Now? I just want to go out in the damn forest and spend a few hours listening to the wind rustle through the trees.

You would think I went to PC. :)

TomboCheck said...

and BTW: The frogs are just plain freaking scary.

Catalyst said...

If the name fits . . .

meggie said...

I rather hope the frogs are not real?
Your garden is nice though, & a pleasant haven from frenetic shopping malls.
Our backyard is our haven. On the other hand it is nice to have a Shopping Mall that is within affordable driving distance.
We just hate the holiday influx, being a Resort destination.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. My brother and his wife are in Prescott. Thinking about buying or building. Seems like a nice place to be.

Mike said...

Like I've always said, paradise starts at home.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - I think you've made my point.

WP4 - Careful, they'll upset the locals. ;>

Mike - Yes, it does. But I don't think paradise includes that new rifle.