Monday, June 2, 2008

PV is growing!

My town is growing. Up on the side of Glassford Hill, near the Kia dealership, the new Comfort Suites hotel is pretty much all framed up.

Just down the road, on the north side of Highway 69, is the beginning of the huge Crossroads Mall - a very large Home Depot store under construction.

On the south side of the highway is another of the "big box" stores - Sam's Club. It and it's gasoline station are going up very speedily. Only a couple of weeks ago, this was flat ground. Now the steel is rising to the sky.

And closer to the highway, a new Cracker Barrel restaurant is a-growing.

The Crossroads Mall will be the largest in central Arizona once it is completed.

Oh and I forgot to get a picture of the new Hampton Inn, in the Entertainment District a short distance away. It's even closer to completion.

By this fall, Prescott Valley will look considerably different.


  1. Well if PV wasn't already the hub of activity in the area, it will be shortly!

    Thankfully people still consider Chino a little to 'hickish', so we don't have that influx of commerce out here. :)

  2. We have a lot of that going on over on the other side of the river- they can have it all.

  3. That is one of the things I like about my little town. There's no chance for much growth here so things stay nice and quiet. Just the way I like it.

  4. :) I'm one of those folks who doesn't like the megatropolis of phoenix making its way into my town. So if I have to be considered a hick to prevent people from building a super walmart in my neck of the woods, so be it. :)

  5. CC - But it's close enough to drive to easily, right?

    Mike - I hear Ann Arbor is expanding to the west.

    Tombo - Oh, CV is next . . as soon as they get ours built.

  6. Just what I came to these parts for -- a chance to do suburban-style shopping! Give me a break.

  7. That's just what we're doing for you, Granny. Enjoy! Heck, we may even get that Trader Joe's you folks have been craving.

  8. uh, well, yeah. Short drive, but nowhere near here. Perfect.

    Of course, that town gets all the taxes generated by the business, while we don't, so it's simply a matter of what you chose.

  9. And like here, that town will thrive and yours will probably die. I choose to thrive.

  10. Oh gosh, it is one of those, "You can't have it both ways" situations.
    When we came here, it was all trees, & slow life.
    Now...half the trees have been felled, & the pace has picked up a damn lot!