Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous Friday Foolery

It's the end of the week as I used to know it. Friday evening was a time for getting drunk. In most times it meant no more work for two days and then back to it. I've been retired (mostly) for a couple of years now but I still think of Friday night as the end of the week.

Tomorrow there's something to celebrate: Mick Jagger becomes 65 years old. Like me, there's no sign that Jagger is planning on retiring. Unlike me, Jagger is still trim and wiry. (The bastard!)

SWMBO and I spent several hours today getting a family trust set up. We don't have much in it right now but we have some hopes for the future. SWMBO says it will eliminate probate when we both fade quietly into the sunet.

Speaking of that, I'm happy to report . . . in light of a post a couple of days ago . . . that "I'm Still Here."


Mike said...

Well I for one am glad that you are still here.

As for Jagger, he might look okay on the outside, but I bet he's a wreck on the inside.

Catalyst said...

I think I disagree. Ronnie Wood, Keith Richard, yes, but I think Jagger has been more careful, at least in his latter decades.

meggie said...

He is now the same age as I am, but I bet he is fitter than I am.
We love to take the piss with Jack Migger, Mack Jigger, Jagg Micker ,,, you get the picture, it is endless fun. I applaud him, for lasting the distance!!

Catalyst said...

Oh, you young folks!