Saturday, July 26, 2008

Temper, temper

Here is why excessive booze, non-functioning lawn mowers and guns don't mix.

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man has been arrested after shooting his lawn mower with a sawed off shotgun after it wouldn't start.

He said it was his yard and his lawn mower and he should be able to do whatever he wants.

A woman who lives with him and called police said he was intoxicated.


  1. I saw this story somewhere else and it reminded me of when we first moved into this house. There was a crappy old lawn tractor that came with the place and it was always malfunctioning one way or another. One day I got pissed off at it after it threw a drive belt and jumped off it and just flipped it over. I left it laying in that position for a few days.

    I seriously wanted to shoot it.

  2. Mike, I was thinking of you when I read the story!!!

  3. So I take it the lawn mower didn't make it?

  4. Dawn - The shooter was arrested. No word on the condition of the lawn mower.

  5. As soon as I saw this story I thought of Mike and how much he loves mowing the lawn. Which is the same as me - man, I hate mowing the lawn.


  6. Yes, I think we all thought of Mike. Fortunately the first line of the story said it was a Milwaukee, Wisconsin man. Close but not close enough.

  7. I also thought of Mike & the lawnmower with tits! Thank goodness it was not the same mower!
    He might have shot it's tits out!!

  8. My, my, my. Mike has established quite a reputation it seems. Anger management classes, maybe?


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