Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family reunion

SWMBO, the BRD and I made a very quick (48 hours) trip to southwest Colorado this past weekend for a visit with several generations of our family. Of course, as we were on the way home, I thought "Damn, I didn't get a picture of the four generations together." Later, after we were home, SWMBO brought it up and said "My family has always been conscious of those types of photos and we forgot to get it."

Well, with one grandson headed back to Iraq with the Army for the fifth time, his twin sister getting ready to join the Navy, daughter living now in Oregon, the other granddaughter in Colorado . . . it may be a long time, if not the last time, that we'll all be together.

We had a good time though we were exhausted when we got home (7-1/2 hours of driving each way) and a great fun but tiring day Sunday. I played croquet for the first time in many decades. I didn't win.

Best of all, we avoided all the 4th of July traffic.


TomboCheck said...

Wow, sounds like fun.
I've never been to a family reunion. 4 generations sounds like a whole lot of people.

Catalyst said...

Must have been. I know a whole lot of booze and food was consumed!

Mike said...

Sounds nice Cat. I went to one Family reunion when I was a kid, but I haven't been to one since. Don't even know where most of my family is anymore.

Catalyst said...

Well, that's SWMBO's side of the family. My side, not much more contact than you with yours.

meggie said...

I feel so lucky with my family. We have always been a close bunch, & 4 generations together is quite common with my eldest Uncle. Luckily, we mostly get along really well, & there is genuine love among us all. Gom's family is very different!

Colonel Colonel said...

We're just about ready to set our croquet course up for the summer. With all the molehills it's "X-treme Croquet.

Catalyst said...

meggie - That's about the way it is with us, too. Both sides used to have some pretty good arguments, fights and what not but I guess we've gotten old and settled.

Colonel - I kept kidding our host because he has such a lush lawn. The grass was a little long for good rolling. Wish I'd thought of that X-treme Croquet line when I was there. The BRD took honors as a spectator by shouting out "Now, that's a sticky wicket!"