Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rush-ing toward mediocrity

Comes the news that conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh has signed a new 8-year contract for 400 million dollars to continue his talk radio bloviating. TALKERS magazine estimates Limbaugh's audience at roughly 14 million people. But the population of the United States is currently estimated at more than 304 million people. That means that Limbaugh's screeds are heard by only about 4 and a half percent of the country's population.

It is further noted that Limbaugh vehemently opposed John McCain during the primary season as not conservative enough. McCain won the Republican presidential nomination fairly early and easily.

So much for Limbaugh's influence.

But as Tom Taylor, said to be news editor of something called said, speaking of Limbaugh and his syndicator, "both sides have made a lot of money for each other."

What a country!


Anonymous said...

There are probably a whole lot more listening to Rush than 4 1/2 percent. He isn't right on everything, but does have a handle on a whole lot of issues, most of them very critical to the health and wealth of our country!

Why are there a lot more than 4 1/2 percent listening to Rush and other conservative talk radio hosts? Because for years and years we only could get one side of the news, liberal, slanted, opinionated news.

Catalyst said...

Very, very funny, anonymous.