Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss me?

I don't know. I just don't seem to have much to talk about. Or write about. I may be getting bored with blogging. I have a friend in Denver who works for a t.v. station. While he was in Beijing, for over a month I think, his station asked him to write a blog. When I complimented him on it, he responded "Have I told you? I HATE BLOGGING!" Yet he was very good at it. I don't HATE BLOGGING. But I do get bored with it from time to time. I guess all bloggers do. Or most of them. Some of my fellow bloggers seem to spin a good story every day. And Tombo is amazing, putting several posts out nearly every day. Of course, he is fascinated with photography, too, and frequently posts great pictures or commentary about photography. As for my photos, they all too frequently have been of one or more of the cats, or the flowers or the sky. Too narrow a focus? Could be. Reminds me of an old song: Don't Get Around Much Anymore.

So . . . what do you all think of the Democratic Convention so far? It was good to see Ted Kennedy last night although he seemed to have trouble reading the teleprompter. But he can still stir up the crowd. His niece, Carolyn, comes from good stock but she definitely is not a spellbinding speaker. The biggest surprise of the night for me was how good a speaker Michelle Obama is. Her talk even kept me away from the Diamondbacks game for an inning or two.

It will be interesting to see how this 70 day election cycle plays out. I hear both Bush and Cheney are going to speak at the Republican convention. What can they say? How will the conventioneers treat them? That should be interesting.

Equally interesting: How this 70 day election cycle will play out.


Mike said...

Of course we missed you.

It seems to me that everyone is slowing down in blogland these days. I looked back at my stats from a year ago and I was consistently doing over 20 posts a month. I see now that I am down around 12 or 13. Comments are down too, so I think everyone may be getting tired of blogging.

Is this the CB radio craze of the 2000's? That's a big 10-4 good buddy.

Catalyst said...

Aw, gee, Mike, thank you.

Good lord - CB radio - I hadn't thought of that. I hope not.

Granny J said...

Pictures do help a lot. 1000 words and all that.

Catalyst said...

'Deed dey do.

Colonel Colonel said...

We LOVED Ted last night. We both cried when he was done.

Say what you will, he IS one of the best Senators of the century, and he IS one of the genuine consciences of the Democratic party, as opposed to the FALSE hope given by the fucking conservative double-crossing fuckhead clintons (may they BOTH *ROT* in FIERY FUCKING COALS OF HELL).

Ted has given the new robe to the new Heir to the JFK Mantle, Obama.

Please keep blogging. We need folks like you.

And we need to know about SWMBO's garden.

Catalyst said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Colonel. I'll try to keep you up to date on things around here.

As for politics, can't you tell me how you REALLY feel??? ;O

TomboCheck said...

Thanks for the link Cat. Honestly though, most of my posts are shit and I know it. Pictures are good for a quick post, and with the sheer quantity of pictures I take it is easy to pull in whichever one I am currently excited about.

The main reason I post so much is for self-reference. All the stupid videos and links to weird news articles are put up so that I can find them in the future when I am looking 'for that one video of that one guy'. If others get some entertainment out of it all the better.

One thing I know for sure is that if you are blogging for your audience you will stop enjoying it rather quickly. If you are checking your stats every few hours, only commenting on other blogs to get comments back on yours, blah blah blah, it gets old real fast.

If you've got nothing to blog about and don't enjoy useless fodder, then don't post.

And directly after that I have to say that I really do enjoy your blog and hope you don't stop. Or at least don't close the mother-fucker down out of the blue this time... :P Post at your leisure, you are in my reader-list so you will pop up whenever you put up something new. :)

TomboCheck said...

Oh, and who is running for president again? No, seriously, the only thing I remember about presidential elections is that Bob Dole's commercials were the BOMB!

Catalyst said...

Jeeze! I didn't mean I was gonna quit. Just that I get bored with it every once in awhile.

Tombo, I like your posts and I DON'T think most of them are shit.

Politics . . . with apologies to the Colonel, I thought Hillary's speech tonight rocked. Best one of the convention so far, I thought.

Bob Dole is a funny guy . . especially when he thought he could be president!

meggie said...

I think guilt keeps me from blogging more, these days. I feel I should be off doing other, more socialble things.
Well, Gom seems to feel I should be more social to him, but I cannot stand soaps & he loves them!