Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The BRD is moving out in less than a month. She bought a house in the next town over . . about 11 miles from here. Since the other half of the duplex will be rented out to strangers, she decided to put a wall between the two halves of the back patio. Up until now it's just been one big open space, which none of us really used because of the shared front patio.

So she hired a carpenter. The guy she had used once before, who did exemplary work, never answered her phone calls this time so she found a different guy.

SWMBO asked if she could have him build a ramp down from our back door to the ground, a distance of about three feet. SWMBO's ailing knees can't handle steps very well any more but since we would now be using the back yard for our outdoor time, she needed a comfortable way to get down there.

Well, after two or three weeks, here's what the guy has accomplished. (And he hasn't shown up since last Friday.)

SWMBO says it's typical of construction guys. They take on two many jobs all at once and then go from one site to another, doing work for the person who yells the loudest.

And let's face it. As the guy pointed out the last time he was here, we can get down to the back yard now though I don't think SWMBO will attempt it until the job is more done and the promised railing is in place.

Meantime, the wall between the two yards? Hasn't been started yet.

I think I need Mike.


meggie said...

What a mess. I wouldnt risk using it as is, either.
Mike's work was far superior!

Mike said...

I was thinking about starting a blogosphere carpentry business. If I could just get around that pesky old air fare issue, I could do it.

Wonder if life will ever be like Star Trek and I could just beam over?

I think he is doing a nice job of it so far. Doesn't look like there is much more to go though so I wonder what his hold up is?

Catalyst said...

Hmmm. A couple of interesting comments. Perhaps Mike is being too modest?

Granny J said...

That is a bummer!

Catalyst said...

So it goes. At least I'm not paying for it.

TomboCheck said...

Oooh, that would tick me right off.