Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh, relax, willya?

Yes, my blog was blocked last night also. As were many others. But it was not . . . as some of my friends have written . . . a monstrous, evil plot against bloggers. It was just one of those damnable technical glitches that happen from time to time.

To make things worse, this morning my Internet Service Provider was defunct. So I couldn't receive e-mail, bring up the Internet(s), or even get the ISP offices on the telephone. Busy, busy, busy.

So I went to the grocery store and spent some money. When I returned, I had the Internet and e-mail again. The Internet was very slow all day but seems to be getting back to normal now.


It's just technical stuff.

As I said on a comment to one of my blogger friends a few minutes ago, it is bizarre how dependent we have all become on something that didn't exist ten years ago.

So I say "relax". Read a book. Watch an old movie on t.v. Take a nap. (I think I did all three today.) It will all be o.k. eventually. And even more than eventually, pretty darned quickly.

Reminds me of when I lived in Mexico. When a storm would blow up, the power would go off. We learned to live with candles and quiet. And it took a lot longer down there to restore our "normal" life than it does up here in the U.S. of A.


  1. But the most damnable thing is that one gets used to her very own, personal version of the new toys. I'm still trying to get used to the Dotter's slick new Dell. All I can say is that it ain't my comfy Mac & I'm not really at home using the machine. But I must say that here in the "wilds" of Alaska, the service has been pretty good...

  2. There are two possibilities here-

    a) you're correct, and a voice of reason and sanity.

    b) you've been taken over by Them, and are now a BlogglBorg, trying to lure us into a false sense of complacency...

  3. Granny J - Welcome to the true world of computing!

    Colonel - I am always correct. You will obey.

  4. It's not a conspiracy; it's just incompetence. Typical corporate buffonery.

    Like the government, most corporations (including the much maligned oil companies) are not smart enough to pull off any sort of conspiracy.

  5. Oh, Mikey, give it a break. Maybe your shoes are too tight!

  6. Yeah, it's not like I am whining about a payment to the NY Times or anything.

    If I contract for a service, paid for or not, I expect that service. How does that make me any different from anyone else?

  7. But Mike, your service was only interrupted for one day, or less. Your outrage certainly makes you different from me, doesn't it?

  8. All I can say is that I feel bad for the IT guys at google. Shit like that totally sucks when you are the guy getting yelled at for interruption of service. :)

    Personally I'm with you. Books are friends, not foes.

  9. Tombo - Well, yeah. As Google explained, it was a technical glitch . . . not something committed by an angry employee.

  10. Terrorists in turbans? Blog buggering bulldust?
    It got me a bit stirred up. I thought my blog idiocy might be showing & it was all my fault.
    All would seem to be restored to mornalcy,,,, "whatever that is", as Charles might say!

  11. Obviously 'mornalcy' passes for Normacly, over here!!

  12. Meggie - Well . . . about normalcy? ;>

  13. I meant "how about normalcy." See, I do it too!

  14. I, too, dont see why so many fokes had kaniptions ovr this. No biggie, realy.


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