Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

The monsoon hit our town today. This is taken from the front of our house at the height of the rainfall.

The pictures are larger and more effective if you click on them.

Heavy rain in a short time in the desert does not just soak into the earth.

Through the front gateway you can see our front yard flooding.

This is the drainage ditch in front of the house.

Too much water for the culverts under our driveway.

Our home is lucky. It sits up at street level. Our neighbor's house is lower and we worried that they might have water inside.

Additional run-off ran down one side of our house where it was blocked by leaf debris from exiting under our back fence.

The run-off was diverted alongside our back fence.

Until I got out there in the rain with a fork hoe and cleared the debris so the water could exit.

We love it when it rains here. SWMBO pretended to be worried but I loved it.

It was fun!


Lucy said...

Always fun to slosh about, it must be even more so when you don't get rain so often. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Catalyst said...

Yes, 'tis. Thank you, Lucy.

Colonel Colonel said...

It's been a weird summer0 it rains almost every night, and many afternoons. No floods yet, they happen in winter when the ground is frozen and we get rain that has to run-off.

Catalyst said...

I think I'd like that kind of summer weather. But then Arizona would just look like Massachusetts!

Granny J said...

Hey, what a storm! I'm sure glad I unplugged my important electronics before leaving town...

meggie said...

Woo hoo! Such excitement! As long as noone was harmed, & no flooded dwellings, good stuff!

Catalyst said...

Granny J - I called a friend in Prescott after the storm and he said he hadn't had anything, no thunder, no rain. But a short time later it hit there and he said rained hard off and on for a couple of hours. Also, the Hassayampa Hotel was hit by lightning, causing some damage on the 4th floor.

Meggie - Yes, exciting it was. I haven't heard any word of damage other than that mentioned above.