Sunday, September 14, 2008

Around the neighborhood

The World Arts Fair started yesterday in Prescott Valley and I went down for a walk-through to snap a few pictures. This was my scene-setter.

The next time I tried to shap the shutter, the camera told me the battery was too low.

So ended my photographic adventure with the fair, though I did walk through, sampled a Santa Barbara wine, watched a mime (VERY briefly), and headed for home.

Today, SWMBO decided we should go up to the top of Mingus Mountain for a picnic. Nice views from up there.

The actual mountaintop is electronic with television towers every few feet.

So ends my adventurous weekend.

As usual, all of the photos are more impressive if you click on them for the larger shot.


Mike said...

I can only say that I am glad your camera battery was low before you encountered the mime.

Granny J said...

Oh, wow! I love the top of Mingus. Were the hang gliders out today? Very neat views.

Catalyst said...

Mike - Made me chuckle! I feel the same way.

Granny J - In fact, there was one floating above us . . . way up there. We went to the launch ramp and there were probably 15 vehicles and assorted people. Busy day for the hang gliders.

meggie said...

Wonderful views! No wonder it is popular for hang gliders.
Glad always, to miss a mime!

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Yes it is a great spot with the views of the Verde Valley below.

I guess nobody loves a mime!

TomboCheck said...

Wait, there are hang gliders?! Where the F have I been?

Catalyst said...

Oh, yes, Tombo. When you get to the pass at around 8,000 feet, take a right and travel 5 (seems like 50 in a small car) miles or so to a day use area. Take a left and up the hill some more and the road dead-ends at the hang glider launching ramp. Quite busy on weekends.

Kitty said...

That low battery thing is so annoying isn't it? I bought a spare battery, and now always keep a spare in the camera case - I'm really glad too.

Beautiful pictures though - we seem to have nothing but mostly grey skies here :-(


Catalyst said...

Kitty - Unfortunately, my camera uses 4 rechargeables. So it takes a few hours to re-zap them.

Thanks for the comment on the photos.