Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The ramp is done!

Some of you may remember my post (if you even remember me!) about the partially completed backyard ramp. Well, amazingly, the carpenter finally did return and finished the job...after a fashion. He didn't do all the work he had promised to do. The work he did was rather marginal. The materials he used were less than marginal. He left a hell of a mess in the backyard. Unfortunately, he got all of his money before he was quite done so then it was just a rush to get out of here and on to his next sucker, oops, client. He did advise us that if the surface of the wood was left untreated, the ramp probably would rot and collapse in a few years but he didn't volunteer to treat it.

So, SWMBO and I groaned and strained and finally finished treating it yesterday with something that makes it look a little bit like redwood.

By the way, if you click on that second photo to expand it, you'll see how nice the "redwood" ramp plays off my coveted bright orange screen door!


  1. Better late than never! And the staining looks good, though you might have missed a patch right in front of the door there? :P

    Now time for some beer to celebrate all that hard work!

  2. It's just sunlight but some areas may need a bit of touching up.

    And we celebrated last night by cracking a couple of Tecates. (Not to mention to celebrate your safe return from South of the Border!)

  3. It is amazing how a stain can improve slightly shoddy. Looks good to me, though.

  4. Nothing like a coat of paint, eh?

  5. It looks pretty darned good from where I'm sitting! x

  6. Thanks, Kitty. Best keep your distance, eh? :=/

  7. From here it looks great! There is nothing on Earth that stain, paint or duct tape won't make look better.

    So- can we duct-tape Sarah Palin now?

  8. Colonel - Thank yuh. Thank yuh ver' much.

    Oooooohhhh. Duct tape Sara Palin. Yes, yes, yes! Great idea any way you look at it!

  9. Quel beauteous ramp!

    What part of Sarah would you duct tape, dare I ask?

  10. Merci, Lucy.

    Why yes, of course you may ask.


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